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Different Kind of Hardwood Floor Installation

There are different methods of installation for hardwood flooring. Factors such as the kind of hardwood flooring you prefer or what kind of sub flooring you have in your homes. A professional hardwood floor installer should be able to determine for you the best way to do it. Make sure that when you hire a hardwood flooring contractor, they will be able to provide you with quality wood floor installation and can provide you with a service that is based on your hardwood flooring needs.
refinishing hardwood flooring ballroom
  • Nail Down/Staple Hardwood Floor Installation

In this method we nail down or staple solid or engineered wood strips to the sub-flooring (usually either plywood or plank wood). The floor is done with random length strips. A few strips are placed down and arranged prior to fastening to ensure proper placement and tautness.

  • Glue Down Hardwood Floor Installation

In this method we glue down engineered wood strips or parquet directly to the sub-floor. In these cases the sub-floor is usually concrete, so we pay extra attention to moisture. With glue down installations, it is important to consider any kind of allergies and sensitivities to smell. We use an acrylic based glue which is more mild than some of the other options. Glue down installations can be walked on the next day and furniture can also be moved in.

  • Floating Hardwood Floor Installation

In this method we glue together the tongue and groove of every plank and the floor floats over a foam cushioned padding. If the flooring has a locking system we can lock the pieces together without glue. This can be used with either laminate or engineered wood floor, but either way the flooring is pre-finished. Not all engineered surfaces can be floated. Floating installation can also be placed over sub-flooring of questionable quality unlike the other two modes. Also, floating floors are a great option if you have multiple layers of flooring and do not want to remove them all. And floating installation The wear layer is important to consider as the thicker the layer the more times it can be refinished. Generally, laminate flooring gives a hollow feeling underfoot with this mode of installation. Remember that floating floors expand and contract as a unit because the pieces of fused together. Allow for as much expansion area as possible.

  • Chevron and Herringbone Pattern Installation

With creative way of installing hardwood floor provides an extensive amount of creativity but also technicality. Herringbone pattern requires wood floors to be installed in a certain rectangular arrangement that resembles bones of a fish like herrings. The edge of each wood flooring planks are 2:1 ratio or at a 90 degree angle. Chevron patterns on the other hand in installed in a V-shaped pattern and could look like a long line of arrows. This kind of customized hardwood floor installation are usually sought after by homeowners and designers that wants to have statement pieces in their wood flooring projects.


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