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Wood Floor Stair Step Refinishing


We offer a variety of hardwood floor services such as refinishing, water damage repair, sanding, buffing, stair thread refinishing, custom staining and wood floor installation. Since 1994, we have provided the Los Angeles area and its neighboring communities with professional hardwood floor services.​
Custom Hardwood Flooring prides itself for being  a dependable and reliable Hardwood Flooring team, that is committed to our customer's satisfaction.

"Perfection in Every Step"

Hardwood floor installer
Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Polishing hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring is one of the best flooring options for easy care, low maintenance and high durability.
There are several options to choose for hardwood flooring, and here are a few things you can look for when choosing hardwood flooring for your home to ensure that it is a good choice.

When the surface finish wears, or gets scratched over time, you can recoat or sand and refinish the floors to make them new again. The variety and colors of wood flooring available today, make it easy to find one that will compliment any design ideas you have. Hardwood Flooring is also the only floor covering that will add resale value to your home.

Nothing like starting the job the right way. Proper sanding or buffing is essential in prepping your hardwood floor for a professional grade finish. Make sure that your floor is atleast 3/4" thick, and if your not certain consult a professional hardwood flooring technician.

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Water damaged hardwood floor
Wood Floor Custom Staining
Installer Refinisher hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood floors are among the easiest to keep clean. Protect their warmth and character with simple, everyday cleaning techniques. It’s important to know how to prevent damage to your solid hardwood floors.

Staining your unfinished hardwood floor gives you the freedom to express your own personal style. Years of professional experience is a must for a hardwood flooring service provider, to have that keen eye to give you that custom stain color that you like.

Investing on the beauty, value and elegance of having a hardwood floor is probably one of the smartest thing a homeowner can do. Make sure that your starting out in the right path. Have a licensed  experienced and well trained professional give you a sound advise.

Custom Hardwood Flooring LA

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Installation and Repair Services by Custom Hardwood Flooring LA

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