Our hardwood flooring business model is simple, to offer the highest quality, craftsmanship and customer service at an affordable price. We are experienced and trained professionals  in every aspect of Installation, Refinishing, Sanding, Buffing, Water Damage Repair and Restoration of hardwood floors. From the initial estimate, to the timely completion of your project, we actively and personally supervise each and every job. We sincerely care about our customer's hardwood flooring needs and we are committed to your satisfaction.
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​At Custom Hardwood Flooring we are experts in every aspect of hardwood floor installation, sanding, custom staining, water damaged repair and hardwood floor refinishing. From your initial free estimate, to the timely completion of your project, we actively supervise and participate in each and every job.
The result is a more controlled process that you can feel good about.
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Specialty Design Elements

With advances in the industry over the past few decades, customizing your wood floor is easier, and more affordable, than ever before. You can create a unique look with simple upgrades such as borders, medallions, hand-distressing, painted floors, mixed media and exotic wood species.


Every business have a main core of values and commitment that they strive for. Some put more emphasis on the quality of their product and services, others focus on customer service while some gives importance to their ability to price their products and services competitively. Whatever it may be, the end result should be Customer Satisfaction.

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While some hardwood flooring can be purchased pre-finished, the majority must be sanded and finished once installation is completed. Newly installed hardwood floor that requires finishing allows more room for you to apply your personal preference, specially when it comes to the stain or type of finish that you would want to be used.

Finishing hardwood floor requires some specialized skills and power tools. These primary pieces of floor finishing equipment include the drum sander for sanding hardwood floor, power edger used to sand the areas that the drum sander can not reach, like the edges of the room, and the floor polisher used for applying the finish and/or stain.

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Installation of hardwood floors

Installing wood flooring can increse the value of your property. However, water and wood does not really go well together. Making sure that having the right water resistant wood floor finish can prevent problems in the future.

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